Aisling Kenny

Hi, my name is Aisling, I am a research assistant on the Neuro-GD study.

My research interests

I’m interested in the developing brain, and I work on the Neuro-GD project, aiming to understand and compare Fragile X Syndrome and SYNGAP1.

What I do at the PWC

As part of the Neuro-GD project, I am involved in participant recruitment, testing and data analysis. I work on tasks such as EEG, eye tracking, cognitive assessments, and clinical interviews.

My background

I have an undergraduate degree in Psychology from the National University of Ireland, Galway and an MSc in Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of York.

Something about me

I grew up on a farm in Ireland so I’m still very much a countryside girl at heart! I love being outside, dogs and the musical Hamilton!

Research projects



Address: Room 5.77, Patrick Wild Centre, Kennedy Tower, Royal Edinburgh Hospital, Division of Psychiatry, University of Edinburgh

Tel: 0131 537 6431