Art exhibitions

Do you know what the brain structure in charge of building memories looks like? Have you ever seen the incredible network of connections between the different parts of our brain? When studying the brain, researchers produce astonishing pictures, as beautiful as art pieces.

The Brain is Wider than the Sky

In June 2014 we organised with the Salvesen Mindroom Centre an outdoor exhibition in St Andrews Square gardens, in Edinburgh. The exhibition showcased pictures of the brain as never seen outside the lab, from activity recordings of a single neuron to the colourful network of connections that exists within the brain.


SSAA Art Exhibition

In January 2015 the Scottish Society of Architect Artists SSAA organised an art exhibition in support of the Patrick Wild Centre. The exhibition showcased art productions from SSAA members and pictures created by members of the Patrick Wild Centre that had been created for the “Brain is wider than the sky” exhibition.