From the PWC into the World

Our goal is not only to produce high-quality and impactful research. After all, if we are doing research, it is to help people. It is extremely important for us to bring our findings into the world, engage with the community, and increase people’s understanding of autism, fragile X and learning disability. 

We publish a large number of scientific articles to contribute to the academic fields of autism, fragile X and learning disability research, but we are also creating useful and accessible resources for specific people (parents, educators, practitioners, policy makers, etc…) and for the wider community.

We have organised several community events and partnerships, like the Family in Residence project and the #WildMiles campaign, as well as art exhibitions, to bring our research into the community.

For you to get to know us a bit more, we are also working on a library of interviews of people working for the Patrick Wild Centre.