Molecules & Cells

There is an absence of effective disease modifying therapies for the autisms and other neurodevelopmental disorders despite billions of dollars and decades of research.  In contrast, many other fields of medicine (e.g. cancer) have seen a revolution in treatments. We believe that now is ripe for a similar step-change in the medicine of Neurodevelopmental Disorders such as the Autisms and Intellectual Disabilities.


Researchers within the Patrick Wild Centre are examining the molecular and cellular basis of these disorders are using a bottom-up approach designed to either replace the altered genetic information (gene-therapy) or identify the secondary biochemical pathways downstream of the genetic alteration to target with drug therapies.  Core to this approach is fundamental discovery of the genes and pathways associated with Neurodevelopmental Disorders as well as any commonalities between different disorders.

Relevant Investigators

Cathy Abbot 
Douglas Armstong
Adrian Bird
Mike Cousin
Christos Gkogkas
Seth Grant
Giles Hardingham
Mandy Johnstone
Noboru Komiyama 
Emily Osterweil
avid Price
Ian Simpson
 Melanie Stefan
Paul Skehel
David Wyllie