Ongoing Studies

We are very grateful to those people who take part in our research studies; without them clinical research would be impossible.  We are always looking for new volunteers so if you are interested in any of the studies below then please contact the named investigator directly.



Examining brain function in fragile x syndrome

This study uses magnetic resonance imaging to understand how the brain functions differently in people with fragile X syndrome.  Taking part involves having an MRI scan and a clinical assessment.  Having an MRI scan can be anxiety provoking for people with fragile X syndrome therefore participants in this study undergo a step by step process to gradually get them used to the MRI scanning environment before they have the scan itself.

To find out more about what’s involved, go to the study page here.


The Fragile X Registry

The purpose of the Registry is to collect detailed clinical information about fragile X syndrome, and those who carry the premutation for the gene. We are also recruiting for a control group (individuals who do not have fragile X syndrome or carry the premutation) for comparison purposes.

To find out more about what is involved or to complete the online survey, go to the study page here


Memory Training and Fragile X syndrome

This pilot study is investigating whether it is both viable and beneficial for individuals with fragile x syndrome to use an adaptive computer based working memory intervention called Cogmed.

The study has now finished recruiting and we are completing the data analysis.



Functional magnetic resonance imaging in intellectual disability

This study is designed to develop protocols for carrying out functional brain imaging in people with an intellectual disability who might otherwise find it difficult.  It links in with the fragile X syndrome brain imaging study described above and participants undergo a gradual process getting them used to the MRI scanner before the actual scan itself.

Recruitment for this study is now complete and we are completing the data analysis.


Multi-modal brain imaging in autism spectrum disorders

This study aims to understand how the brain functions differently in people with autism spectrum disorders by combining different types of magnetic resonance imaging.  Recruitment for this study is now complete and we are analyzing the data.


Future Studies

If you want to to receive information about opportunities to take part in future research studies then please sign up for our email list or contact Carolyn Thorburn directly on or 0131 537 6257.