Andrew Stanfield

Dr Andrew Stanfield is a Senior Clinical Research Fellow in the University’s Division of Psychiatry and an Honorary Consultant in the Psychiatry of Learning Disabilities working in hospitals in Edinburgh.

The Patrick Wild Centre’s Co-director and Director of Clinical Research leads the effort to find new treatments and interventions for those with autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disabilities and related conditions.

The colours in this image show the brain regions that are most active during a language task in people with the risky version of the gene compared to typical individuals (as measured with fMRI). Researchers at the University of Edinburgh are using techniques like this to understand how the brain processes language information as well as how this processing is affected in people with autism

My research group carries out studies in two major areas: first, in testing potential therapeutic interventions for autism and intellectual disabilities and second, the study of brain mechanisms that underlie these conditions.

The focus of our clinical trail work comprises the assessment of potential medical and behavioural interventions. I have been the UK-chief investigator for several clinical trails of new medications for fragile X syndrome and we have also carried out studies targeted at developing social and cognitive abilities in people with autism and intellectual disability.

Related to this work, my group is also involved in studies to identify the clinical, behavioural and cognitive characteristics of people with genetic causes of autism, intellectual disability and related conditions. This research informs the development of relevant tools to measure improvement in clinical trials and the identification of subgroups of people who may respond to particular targeted interventions.

In studying the brain mechanisms underlying autism and intellectual disability we employ a cognitive neuroscience approach and often using Magnetic Resonance Imaging scans to examine brain structure and function.


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