Engaging with the community

We have organised several community events and partnerships, like the Family in Residence project and the #WildMiles campaign, as well as art exhibitions, to bring our research into the community.

Below are short summaries of the projects. Please click on the links above to know more.

Autism & Bilingualism: Practitioner Webinar 

On the 20th April 2021 we will be hosting an information webinar, especially designed for clinicians to give them the latest findings in the field of bilingualism in autism research.

SYNGAP1 UK Family Meet-Up 

In June 2019 we hosted the first UK SYNGAP1 Family Meet-Up!  Families from around the UK and other parts of Europe came together in Edinburgh to discuss SYNGAP1 and other neurodevelopmental conditions.

Cycling for the PWC

Members and Friends of the Patrick Wild Centre have been cycling around Europe to raise money for our research!


The PWC on the BBC

Our researchers have been interviewed by the BBC to talk about their research on autism and fragile X syndrome

The PWC marched for Science

Watch a speech from our Co-Director Professor Peter Kind at the Edinburgh March for Science.

The 4X Team

In April 2017, Gus Alusi, Reem Waines and their friends launched a new adventure, travelling along the silk route from London to Tashkent, raising money for fragile X research.



In April 2016 we launched a yearlong campaign to raise awareness of autism, fragile X syndrome, and intellectual disabilities. How? By going the extra mile! We walked, ran, cycled, and even swam, and counted all the miles we had travelled together.

The Family In Residence Project


In October 2015 we started a 12-months stakeholders partnership project. We worked with the McDonald family, whose twin teenage boys have fragile X syndrome, inviting them into our labs and discussing with them on an equal footing the role and future of research.

SSAA Art Exhibition

In January 2015 the Scottish Society of Architect Artists SSAA organised an art exhibition in support of the Patrick Wild Centre. The exhibition showcased art productions from SSAA members and pictures created by members of the Patrick Wild Centre that had been created for the “Brain is wider than the sky” exhibition.

The Brain is Wider than the Sky

In June 2014 we organised with the Salvesen Mindroom Centre an outdoor exhibition in St Andrews Square Gardens. The exhibition showcased photos of the brain as never seen outside the lab, from activity recordings of a single neuron to the colourful network of connections that exists within the brain.