Resources for all

The results of our research are published in academic journals, but it is important for us that are findings are also made available for the wider community.

Here is a list of our accessible research summaries.

Aging & residential care

We have created several accessible summaries for the Aging and Residential Care project:

  • flyer with information for services on how to improve residential care for older autistic adults
  • database of residential care services to facilitate future research
  • An article in the Scottish Autism Share Magazine about why it is important to research the best way to support older autistic adults in residential care services.

Attitudes to research on early signs of autism

Autism & Bilingualism

You can find on this page a simple fact sheet to help parents and practitioners make decisions about autistic children and language in the home.

Autism & Technologies

For the Click East project we created 3 newsletters that were sent to the families that took part in the project. You can find here several articles, posters, and presentations created around the project, and there a talk given by Sue Fletcher-Watson.

We have also created a report for the East Park iPad App study summarising our independent evaluation of their project, accessible here. This project was also covered in a newspaper article, accessible here.

Research & Commercial partnership

This post on the DART Blog explains the creation of a partnership between the Patrick Wild Centre and a commercial partner for the Click East project.

Social intelligence in autism

We have created several accessible summaries of the Diversity in Social Intelligence project: