Barriers to Research

Identifying barriers to clinical trial participation

We are now asking family members of someone with Fragile X syndrome to complete a quick survey asking about their feelings on taking part in clinical trial research for people affected by Fragile X syndrome.

We are asking families to do this to help give us an idea about how people feel about taking part in research into new medicines for Fragile X syndrome and want to make it easier for people with the syndrome and their families to work with researchers in the future.

Our team at the Patrick Wild Centre aims to improve understanding of Fragile X Syndrome in order to help improve outcomes for those affected. To achieve this we really need the involvement and support of people with Fragile X and their families. Please take part in this survey so we can find out more about your needs and opinions on clinical research.

Take part

Please follow the link below

For more information please contact
Sarah Eley, Research Nurse
0131 537 6673