Fundamental Research

A cornerstone of the philosophy of the Patrick Wild Centre is that improving our fundamental understanding of the nervous system will lead to better therapeutic options for autism, fragile X syndrome and intellectual disabilities.


The Patrick Wild Centre brings together fundamental scientists from differing aspects of neuroscience and related fields to work on understanding neurodevelopmental disorders.  Through gaining an understanding of the underlying cause of a condition, it becomes possible to model how it might develop and understand how this differs from typical neurodevelopment.  This information can then be used to identify targets for potential therapies.

Relevant Investigators

Molecules and Cells

Cathy Abbot 
Douglas Armstong
Adrian Bird
Mike Cousin
Christos Gkogkas
Seth Grant
Giles Hardingham
Mandy Johnstone
Noboru Komiyama 
Emily Osterweil
David Price
Ian Simpson
Melanie Stefan
Paul Skehel
David Wyllie

Circuits and Behaviour

Peter Kind
Shona Chattarji
Siddharthan Chandran
Ian Duguid
Oliver Hardt
Mike Ludwig
Stephen Lawrie
Richard Morris
Matt Nolan
Nathalie Rochefort
Emma Wood