Stevie Williams

Profile picture of Stevie WilliamsHi, my name is Stevie Williams. I’m a research assistant and sleep physiologist at the Patrick Wild Centre. I am a member of The British Sleep Society (BSS) and The European Society of Sleep Technologists (ESST).

My research interests

I am interested in how the brain works during sleep, in particular for people with sleep problems, brain conditions, and neurodevelopment conditions. I have worked with people with epilepsy, Down syndrome, dissociative seizures, and different sleep disorders.

I also enjoy teaching international groups of healthcare and medical professionals at the Edinburgh Sleep and Polysomnology courses. I deliver training on how to set up and analyse home and in-lab sleep studies, as well as providing consultancy to several private clinical companies, charities and universities.

What I do at the PWC

I am running the EVOSIS study, a project studying sleep in a children with a genetic condition called SYNGAP1-related intellectual disability. I am in charge of going to the home of the participants to help them prepare for the sleep study, and of going back to see them the next day to help them remove the equipment. I will also be working on analysing the data.

My background

I studied Psychology at the University of Edinburgh, and then I started working as a sleep physiologist. I became Sleep Services Manager of the Edinburgh Sleep Centre in 2010 where I supervised the Clinical and Research Technology Services. I’ve also got the RSPGT (Registered Polysomnographic Technologist) qualification, certified by the Board of Registered Polysomnologists since 2013.

In 2014 I started working in academic Sleep Research at the Sleep Research Unit at the University of Edinburgh. There I worked on clinical trials at the neurology department of the Western General Hospital. I am currently also a clinical researcher based at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. 

Something about me

I recently got into tree planting! I now have about 50 tree saplings in my garden.

Research projects



Address: Patrick Wild Centre, Kennedy Tower, Royal Edinburgh Hospital, Division of Psychiatry, University of Edinburgh

Tel: 0131 537 6431