In 2014 we cycled 250 miles from London to Paris to raise funds for the Patrick Wild Centre. After this success, we decided to take this adventure further.

From April 16th 2016 to April 2017, we asked our centre members and supporters to go the extra mile to raise awareness of intellectual disabilities, autism and fragile x syndrome and our research into these.

We invited our members and supporters to travel a mile under their own steam (walk, run, cycle swim, anything!), take a photo and share their #wildmiles with us and the world via social media, if possible wearing orange, our centre colour.
Watch the video below, or keep reading to find out more:

What were Wild Miles?

  • A wild mile is any mile, travelled under someone’s own steam between April 2016 – April 2017, to celebrate the Patrick Wild Centre’s 5th birthday by representing the distance we’re ready to go to find effective support for people.
  • The focus on miles is because getting out and about is good for everyone – mind and body.

How did people join?

  • We wanted people all over the world to travel a mile and send us their photos and thoughts.
  • They could walk, run, skip, hop, ski, swim, canoe, cycle, climb, horse-ride, dance, unicycle – you name it.
  • People could take part in groups: if six people walked two miles together that’s twelve #wildmiles!

So what exactly did people do?

  • First of all, people planned their mile: where would they go? Who would go with them?
  • Then, they got some #wildmiles accessories. They only had to email us at wildmiles@ed.ac.uk and we sent them t-shirts, stickers, flyers and more.
  • Then, they travelled their mile – if possible wearing orange (our centre colour)
  • Finally,  they took some photos or made a little film and shared them with us by email, on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using #WildMiles and our handle.  e.g. “Great fun today with another 2 #wildmiles today for @PWCentre”

Some inspiring participations?

  • Keen runners, cyclists, and swimmers ‘donated’ their training and races to us by sending us pics through the year every time they went out
  • How far do you dance at a ceilidh? We collected some #wildmiles dancing!

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