Cognitive and behavioural assessments

What are cognitive and behavioural assessments?

A behavioural assessment or a cognitive assessment is a collection (or “battery”) of tasks used to measure behaviours or mental (cognitive) abilities. There are different for each study, depending on what is researched. For example, a study on memory will include several memory tasks, or a study on anxiety can include specific questionnaires about anxiety behaviours.

What happens during these assessments?

At the beginning of the assessment, the researcher will explain to you what is going to happen.  Before each task or questionnaire, the researcher will give you all the information you need to complete them. If you have questions at any point, please do ask them to the researcher. Unless the researcher tells you otherwise, you will be able to take breaks between each task and/or questionnaire.

Some of the tasks and/or questionnaire may be paper based, other will be in the form of questions asked by the researcher and you will just have to answer out loud. Some activities may be “tangible”, with real objects around you, or they may involve interacting with other people. Some tasks may be computer-based, just like computer games, and you will respond with the keyboard or on a touchscreen. This depends on what is being researched in this particular study.

KT RS1 Child Participant
Lana Leiter