Damien Wright

Hi, my name is Damien, I am a post-doc research fellow working on the Neuro-GD study.

My research interests

My research focuses on neurodevelopmental disorders and intellectual disabilities. I am particularly interested in the way networks of neurons work (this is called neural processing) in the brains of people with neurodevelopmental disorders.

What I do at the PWC

I’m currently running the Neuro-GD project which examines how neurodevelopmental disorders relate to each other.

My background

I completed my PhD in Experimental Psychology from the University of Liverpool in 2017, which used EEG to investigate the neural response to visual symmetry perception. Following this, I spent two years as a post-doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Stirling examining the role of colour in shape processing before moving to the Patrick Wild Centre in 2019.

Something about me

When not doing research I enjoy indoor bouldering and drawing.

Research projects


email: damien.wright@ed.ac.uk

UoE profile: Dr Damien Wright

Address: Room 5.77, Patrick Wild Centre, Kennedy Tower, Royal Edinburgh Hospital, Division of Psychiatry, University of Edinburgh

Tel: 0131 537 6431