Lindsay Mizen

Profile picture of Lindsay MizenHi, my name is Lindsay. I’m a Senior Clinical Research Fellow at the Patrick Wild Centre and Consultant Psychiatrist in the NHS Lothian Learning Disability Service.

My research interests

I am interested in genetic causes of intellectual disability, and how the people with these conditions are affected by them. Sleep is particularly fascinating for me to study because it is so often problematic for people with these genetic conditions, and lack of sleep can affect all areas of life. I also work closely with neuroscience researchers who study similar conditions in rodents. We are trying to understand how the genetic changes affect how the brain works. Hopefully in the future we can find therapies for people with genetic causes of intellectual disability.

What I do at the PWC

I am running the EVOSIS study, a project studying sleep in a children with a genetic condition called SYNGAP1-related intellectual disability. My study team will travel around the UK to measure children’s sleep in their own homes. As many people with SYNGAP1 find new experiences and meeting new people anxiety provoking, we hope doing the recordings in their own homes with be easier for them.

I am also setting up another project offering genetic testing to adults with intellectual disability. Unlike children with intellectual disability, many haven’t been tested. Just knowing the cause can be psychologically and emotionally helpful for people, but it also means that any other health problems linked to the genetic condition can be screened for. If new treatments are developed for a particular genetic disorder, only people who are known to have the condition will be able to take advantage of them.

My background

I completed my medical degree at the University of Glasgow. As part of that I completed an extra one year degree in Psychological Medicine. After doing several junior doctor jobs in and around Glasgow, I moved to Edinburgh for my psychiatry training. In the middle of this training I took time out to do a Neuroscience PhD studying brain function in rats with changes in the SYNGAP1 gene.

I finished my training, and now work at the Patrick Wild Centre and in the NHS Lothian Learning Disability Service as a Consultant Psychiatrist.

Something about me

When I’m not working I love to be out in my garden, watching Formula One motor racing, or being part of the stage crew in amateur theatre productions.

Research projects

EVOSIS study

GCAID – Genetic Causes in Adults with Intellectual Disability (Coming soon)



Twitter: l_mizen

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Address: Patrick Wild Centre, Kennedy Tower, Royal Edinburgh Hospital, Division of Psychiatry, University of Edinburgh

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