Celebrating Five Years of the Patrick Wild Centre with our #wildmiles Campaign.

Published Apr 2016

Starting on April 16th 2016, and running for the next 12 months, we’re asking our centre members and supporters to go the extra mile to raise awareness of intellectual disabilities, autism and fragile x syndrome and our research into these.

We’d like you to travel a mile under your own steam (walk, run, cycle swim, anything!), take a photo and share your wildmiles with us and the world via social media.  If possible, wearing orange, our centre colour.
Watch the video below, or keep reading to find out more:

What are Wild Miles?

  • A wild mile is any mile, travelled under your own steam and this year The Patrick Wild Centre is celebrating its 5th birthday by pledging to contribute #wildmiles to a total, representing the distance we’re ready to go, to find effective support for people.
  • The focus on miles is because getting out and about is good for everyone – mind and body.

Can I join in?

  • We want people all over the world to travel a mile and send us their photos and thoughts.
  • You can walk, run, skip, hop, ski, swim, canoe, cycle, climb, horse-ride, dance, unicycle – you name it.
  • Why not get a group together: if six of you walk two miles together that’s twelve #wildmiles!
  • Or if you’re feeling energetic, why not do 12 #wildmiles on your own?

So what exactly do I do?

  • First of all, plan your mile:  where are you going to go? Who’s going with you?
  • Then, get some #wildmiles accessories – we can send you t-shirts, stickers, flyers and more.  Just email us at wildmiles@ed.ac.uk
  • Then, travel your mile – if you can, wear orange (our centre colour)
  • Take some photos or make a little film and share them with us by email, or post it on twitter, facebook or instagram using #wildmiles and our handle.  e.g. “Great fun today with another 2 #wildmiles today for @PWCentre”

Need some inspiration?

  • If you’re a keen runner, cyclist or swimmer, why not ‘donate’ your training or races to us by sending us pics through the year every time you go out?
  • Five metres every day makes a mile in a year – can you do a mile by adding up daily cartwheels or somersaults?
  • How far do you dance at a ceilidh? Maybe you’ll collect some #wildmiles at a wedding?
  • Could you walk a mile to the beach on holiday and help us generate some global #wildmiles?

What will be your wildmiles ?  We look forward to finding out.

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