Family in Residence: Videos from our Family

Published Jan 2017

For our Family in Residence Project we have put together a series of  2 to 3 minute videos in which the Mcdonalds talk about family life, Stuart and Matthews education, the support from the community and their experiences with Fragile X Syndrome. These videos will be shared across our community with teachers, schools and supporters to aid with teaching, understanding and raising awareness of Fragile X Syndrome.

Diagnosis: Gillian and Craig Mcdonald talk about diagnosis of Stuart and Matthew with Fragile X Syndrome at the age of 10.

Community : Raising awareness of Fragile X Syndrome in their hometown and the community experience.

Support: The Mcdonalds talk about the challenges they faced in finding the right support for Stuart and Matthew.

Education: Stuart and Matthew’s transition to Peebles High School and how their learning support changed and improved.

Education II: The boys’ talk about their school experience.

Family: The McDonalds talk about family life and their priorities for the future.

Full interview: a sixteen-minute overview spanning all the listed topics with some additional insights from Craig & Gillian

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