FRAXA funding awarded to Patrick Wild Centre members

Published Sep 2023

Congratulations to Damien Wright on becoming a FRAXA postdoctoral fellow studying somatosensory processing in people with fragile X syndrome.

Leena E. Williams, Andrew Stanfield & Damien Wright

Sensory sensitivities are increasingly recognised as important causes of anxiety and distress in people with fragile X syndrome, with recent studies highlighting the potential importance of touch sensitivity in particular. In order to develop interventions for these issues, we first need a valid and reliable way to measure sensitivity to touch in people with fragile X.

Damien, supported by Patrick Wild Centre / SIDB members Dr Andy Stanfield and Dr Leena Williams, will examine whether electroencephalography (EEG), combined with a commercially available touch stimulating device (Cortical Metrics Brain Gauge), is a suitable tool for measuring touch sensitivity in fragile X.

This is a clinical study and recruitment will begin in the next few months in the UK. More details will be posted once the study is about to start.

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