New on-line course aimed at Professionals

Published May 2014


A new e-learning course aimed at raising awareness of the  little-known condition Fragile X Syndrome among professionals has been  launched within the UK.

The online tool has been developed by the Fragile X Society in  conjunction with social care charity Cornerstone and is designed to help  professionals to better support individuals and families affected by  the condition.  The e-course was developed following the appointment  just over a year ago of a Scottish Family Support Worker, Scotland’s  first dedicated support worker for families affected by Fragile X  Syndrome.  This post was created in November 2012, following the  announcement of a £25,000 award by Michael Matheson, Scottish Minister  for Public Health, as part of the Scottish Strategy for Autism: Autism Development Fund for 2012-13.

Fragile X Syndrome is the most common cause of inherited learning  disability.  It can cause a wide range of learning, social, emotional  and behavioural difficulties alongside problems with language and  maintenance of attention.   Despite being the most common cause of  inherited learning disability, Fragile X  is actually a rare condition  and is not widely recognised, with just one in 4,000 males affected and  one in 6,000 females affected.

The design of this new course has taken several months, and has been  done very much in conjunction with Cornerstone’s Learning and  Development team. The aim is that it will become an invaluable tool  for professionals working with people with learning difficulties, and it  has three main objectives – to provide information about Fragile X  Syndrome to the relevant professionals, to give them the ability to  recognise its characteristics and to help Identify ways to support  individuals with the syndrome.

For further information or to purchase the course please contact  Sandra Thoms, Family Support Worker, Scotland on 07825050072 or email at


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