Outdoor exhibition outlining the beauty and complexity of the brain.

This joint Mindroom – Patrick Wild Centre collaboration opened on the 7th June 2014 in St Andrews Square Gardens, Edinburgh.

The pictures showcased world-leading research by the University that seeks to improve our understanding of the brain and how it is altered in people with learning disabilities and other neurological conditions.

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‘The brain – is wider than the sky’ includes arresting snapshots that pinpoint the effects of neurological disorders such as autism and Fragile X Syndrome, the most common cause of inherited intellectual disability.


“The human brain has more cells than there are stars in the Milky Way and these cells communicate through a thousand times as many connections. Our goal is to understand how even small changes in these connections can have such detrimental effects on learning and memory.” -Dr Sally Till, Walter Muir Autistica Research Fellow, Patrick Wild Centre


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