World leader in FXS research visits the Patrick Wild Centre

Published Oct 2015

Professor Jen Darnell of The Rockefeller University in the US, was one of two guest speakers to join us at a recent symposium.

Jen is a leading authority on Fragile X Syndrome (FXS) – the most common cause of inherited intellectual disability.

She had this to say about the Patrick Wild Centre: “I have been following the Centre since its inception and am very impressed by the quality of its research and its ability to bring together clinicians and fundamental researchers to translate laboratory science to the clinic.

The genuine collaborative nature of the Patrick Wild Centre contributes greatly to its success and forms a model for similar endeavours at other institutions.

Their recent recruitment of young researchers in the understanding the molecular basis of FXS and ASD is a testament to their stated goal of elucidating new therapeutic strategies for these debilitating neurodevelopmental disorders.”

To find out more about Jen’s work please visit her research profile

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