Clinical Research

Clinical research at the Patrick Wild Centre focuses on better understanding and supporting people with autism, fragile X syndrome, or intellectual disabilities. We are interested in their lived experiences and mental abilities, and we are also interested in understanding the mechanisms leading to these conditions, and the therapeutic possibilities to support them.

For details of trials and studies that are currently recruiting please the ongoing research page.  If you want to sign up to hear about when new research studies are starting then please join the Patrick Wild Centre Contact Database.

Our clinical research is divided into four themes. The list of past and ongoing studies in each is visible by clicking on the arrow next to a theme. You can read more about each study by clicking on its title.

The theme Diversity and lived experiences focuses on better understanding what it is like to be someone with a neurodevelopmental condition. This theme includes a wide range of topics, such as residential care, language diversity, social intelligence, peer-support, or experiences of research participation.

List of projects - Diversity and lived experiences

The theme Behaviour and Cognition focuses on better understanding the behaviour and mental abilities of people with a neurodevelopmental condition. This theme includes a wide range of topics, such as social skills, language development, or play behaviour with technological toys.

List of projects - Behaviour and Cognition

The theme Of minds and brains focuses on describing the brain and its function in people with a neurodevelopmental condition.

List of projects - Of minds and brains

The theme Clinical trials and interventions focuses on rigorously assessing the validity of potential therapies and interventions. This theme includes a range of pharmacological (with medication) and non-pharmacological (without medication) interventions, as well as a study about the experience of participating in a clinical trial. Sarah Eley is the clinical trial coordinator of the Patrick Wild Centre.

List of projects - Clinical trials and interventions