Sarah Eley


Hello, my name is Sarah, I am a Research Co-ordinator at the Patrick Wild Centre.

My research interests

My research principally relates to neurodevelopmental disorders, intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorders. I work with families and individuals in the UK across a number of both clinical and non-clinical studies. 

What I do at the PWC

I am responsible for managing clinical research projects in accordance with the International Conference on Harmonisation Good Clinical Practice Guidelines (ICH-GCP), including development, design, implementation and recruitment. This involves ensuring that each study is run effectively according to clinical, ethical and financial requirements and meets all targets. 

My background

Bsc (Hons) nursing 2009

MscR 2017

I graduated from my nursing degree in Edinburgh in 2009. I spent my first few years working with people on drug treatment testing orders before joining the Scottish mental health Research network (SMHRN). In my time at SMHRN I worked on a wide range of projects with various research team including the initiation and management of several multi-centre clinical trials in a variety of different conditions including fragile x syndrome, schizophrenia, depression ADHD and Autism. During this time I completed my masters by research which examined what prevents people with fragile X syndrome from taking part in research studies and what we, as researchers, can do to help overcome any barriers that exist. This experience working in research led me on to taking up a research co-ordinator post at the Patrick Wild centre.

Research projects

I have a strong interest in patient and public involvement and am currently working on ways that we can involve members of the public in research projects. We want to involve people in identifying research priorities and create project advisory groups to provide ongoing support in developing research.

I work with Dr Andrew Stanfield in our clinical trial endeavours. In these, we are developing new trials to test potential new interventions to help individuals affected by autism, fragile X syndrome and intellectual disabilities.

> Ongoing projects:

[in progress]

> Completed projects:

Clinical trials participation for families with Fragile X

Health of female FMR1 premutation carriers

Imaging Fragile X



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